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With PeptAIde™, we introduce a unique set of plant-based peptides identified using artificial intelligence that specifically help modulate inflammation markers relevant to physical exercise. To verify the biological significance, we first showed in silico the interaction of our AI identified peptides with IL-6, the Tumor Necrosis Factor-α receptor and IL-10, all relevant in physical recovery. Moreover, two standard cell culture systems confirmed the potential of our peptides. The first included stimulated immune active macrophage cultures, the second applied primary human fibroblasts that synthesize extra cellular matrix and collagen. Both systems indicated beneficial effects.
Finally, PeptAIde™ was assessed in health volunteers in a single 20 g dose, 24-hours kinetic study without physical stress. The results showed that PeptAIde™ was well accepted. Importantly, PeptAIde™ affected selected immune and inflammation markers assessed in blood. These results might be relevant to support of muscle stress response.

PeptAIde™ has been launched in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe so far. It has recently been promoted during other relevant tradeshows including FIC (Food Ingredients China) and Vitaofoods (Geneva). During our launches we learn to better understand our customers` needs.

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Intermediate products > Functional additives

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Bio-based content

Environmental gain
PeptAIde™ is a natural rice protein-based food ingredient containing bioactive peptides that were identified by artificial intelligence. BASF’s partner Nuritas developed and trained algorithms using extensive libraries on biological networks and active molecules to build highly-accurate predictors of biological activity.

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