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Kaïros Environnement

1 Rue des Senneurs, ZI du Moros
29900 Concarneau

Description :
Doing well, doing better, is possible.
Since the foundation of Kaïros in 2007, this conviction has been our leitmotive. It motivated us to use our experience in yacht racing to develop new racing sailing boat technologies. It prompted us to develop an Environment design office dedicated to bio-based composite materials. Today, still and always carried by the ambition of optimists, we look beyond the horizon and push the limits on land and at sea.
By combining environmental convictions and technical expertise, we want to get things moving and create a new way of designing. We put our know-how to work for our clients to create and industrialize new bio-based and sustainable materials.
The Kairlin is one of these materials.

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Last update 17/08/2020
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  • Kairlin®

    The Kairlin® is an innovative and elegant new biocomposite panel made of flax fibers and plant-based components. It is recyclable and compostable in industrial composting facilities. Available in various thickness (1-50mm), it can be thermoformed, machined and printed.

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