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ZAET 221 rue Paul Langevin

Description :
A family-run company and manufacturer of industrial lubricants since 1958, MOLYDAL is the brand name production, health, safety and environment and industrial maintenance managers turn to.

Thanks to our Research & Development laboratory, MOLYDAL makes innovative lubrication products in all activity sectors: deformation of metals, plastic injection, food processing industries, iron & steel, sugar plants and glass works.

Business sector
Automotive, Nuclear, Metalworking, Mechanical, Steel, Plastic Injection, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry

ISO 9001 version 2008

Last update 27/03/2014
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5 products proposed by this supplier
  • KL BIO

    Cleaning and degreasing fluid, tar remover.

  • LUBA 21

    Extreme pressure biolubricant for cutting and stamping of metals

  • SOLESTER 530

    Renewable lubricant soluble in water for metal working

  • V7 BIO

    V7 BIO is a biodegradable penetrating - lubricant with a very low surface tension.
    His constituents can make a quick release of seized parts by oxidation.

  • VG CUT 77

    VG CUT 77-aerosol is a lubricant spray in aqueous phase, for the drilling and tapping.
    VG CUT 77-aerosol is a blend of esterified vegetable oils.

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