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MEXEL Industries

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Description :
MEXEL Industries develops and distributes environmentally friendly treatment products for industrial applications.
Founded in France in 1990, Mexel Industries S.A. has pioneered a range of innovative green emulsions for power stations, water circuits, fuel combustion, concrete formworks and ballast water treatments.

As a result of extensives Research and Development studies, MEXEL Industries has developed various emulsions: antifouling, fuel additives, silicate deposit inhibitor, emulsions for formworks, made from organic substances and always safe for the environment.

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ISO 9001

Last update 27/01/2017
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4 products proposed by this supplier

    The shuttering removal emulsion AQUAMEXOIL is the « green » alternative to solvent-based mineral or plant oils for concrete construction.

  • CLEANMEX Anti-block bitumen

    CLEANMEX Anti-block bitumen is used as an anti-adhesive bitumen during transport and their implementation for road construction.

  • CLEANMEX Bitumen remover

    Dissolvent for tars, bitumens and asphalts

  • DETERMEX 100, multi-purpose cleaner

    DETERMEX 100 is a multi-use cleaner effective on all outdoor and indoor surfaces.

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