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Description :
ONIP (NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL PAINT OMNIUM) is an independent French manufacturer of interior and exterior paints for buildings, company created in 1962.
Paints for building professionals, painters, decorators and private individuals, the company Onip offers a very wide range of products ranging from paints (acrylic, hydrodiluent or urethane alkyd) for walls and ceilings to products for the protection of metals and industrial machinery.
The company has enjoyed enormous success for many years for the quality of its products and for its capacity for innovation.
In parallel, since 2006, the brand has been seeking to implement an environmental approach by labelling its paints under the NF Environnement or European Ecolabel certification. Today, more than 90% of Onip products are labelled.

Business sector
Professional Paints

Last update 02/11/2022
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1 product proposed by this supplier

    Matt-velvety paint based on 97% bio-based alkyd resin emulsion Biosourced paint 2 in 1 (Printing and Finishing) for protection and decoration walls and ceilings.
    Paint containing more than 54% bio-based carbon according to NF EN 16640

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