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Description :
Mater-Bi® is an innovative family of bioplastics produced from renewable raw materials, whose characteristics are similar to those of traditional plastics, but which are perfectly biodegradable and compostable (certified according to EN13432 norm). Mater-Bi® can be processed using conventional plastic technologies to obtain specific applications with a low environmental impact in sector such as carrier bags (i.e. fruit and vegetable bags, single use bags), separate collection of organic waste, agriculture, catering, packaging, biofiller, etc.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Resins, Polymers

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Vegetal starch and oil
maximum 60%, Calculated according to ASTM D6866 (learn more)

Environmental gain
The environmental profile of Mater-Bi® grades is evolving continuously, in line with the development of the Novamont biorefinery model, which is based on continuous integration with the upstream agricultural production stage. Second-generation products integrating starch technology with plant derived polyester technology are currently available on the market.

The products and processes are constantly improved using the “Life Cycle Assessment” (LCA) approach. The year 2014 will see the launch of third and fourth generation products that integrate the chemicals produced by the new joint venture of Novamont in the fields of green chemistry (Matrica) and biotechnology (Mater-Biotech) and that will further reduce the environmental impact of Mater-Bi®.

All grades of Mater-Bi® realize their full environmental potential when they are used in applications in which their peculiar performance brings advantages to the system both during their use and at the end of their life. In this sense, rather than being considered a simple replacement for traditional plastics, this class of products should be seen as an opportunity to redesign the entire system, focusing attention on the efficient use and recovery of the resources.

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Last update 18/09/2015
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