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Kaïros Environnement

Description :
We patented and commercialize new sustainable panels : the Kairlin®

Designed to become an alternative to petrochemical materials, the Kairlin® aims to minimize its environmental impact at each stage of its life cycle:
- raw materials: it is made of flax and plant-based components
- production: it comes from a short and local supply chain, made in Normandy (France) with Normand flax
- end-of-life: it is recyclable AND compostable in industrial composting facilities

The Kairlin® can be machined, thermoformed and printed with all conventional technics and machines. It is available in 2440*1220mm panels, in various thicknesses (1-50mm) and various structures (monolithic or cork/wood sandwich).

The Kairlin® is used as much for printing, communication and POS display as by designers for furniture and decoration.

Product family :
Application products > Composites

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Flax fibers + PLA

Environmental gain
Plant-based material, recyclable, compostable in industrial composting facilities, reduced transport C02 impact: growing & production are both in the same area

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass, Physical data, Available quantity, Estimated price
Last update 01/03/2021
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This report presents examples of applications of bio-based products suitable for the plastic industry.