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Methyl Undecylenate


Description :
Methyl Undecylenate is a methyl ester of undecylenic acid, linear with terminal double bond, 100% of vegetal origin, processed from castor oil.

Methyl undecylenate can be used:
- As a precursor for undecylenic derivatives for cosmetics
- As an intermediate in the synthesis of aromatic chemicals
- With its bifunctional nature (presence of an ester function and a terminal double bond at the other end of the chains), as a synthesis support (modified silicones, polymers…)
- In formulations requiring its anti-odour properties

This product is not intended in drug use. For Industrial use only.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Chemical intermediates

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Castor oil

Environmental gain
This product has the following Green chemistry indicators:
- Real Experimental Atom Economy [percentage yield * (theoretical yield/mass of all reactants)*100] = 80%
- E-factor (mass of waste/mass of finished products) = 0.25

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Last update 15/05/2014
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