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41 rue des Métissages
59336 Tourcoing Cedex

Description :
FLAXCOMPOSITES offers biobased materials mainly based on linen (flax) and hemp fibers and/or bio resins. We offer textiles and bio resins for composites but also semi finished products such as biobased cork and bio textile sandwich pannels.

Business sector
Building, furniture, transport

Last update 03/03/2017
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1 product proposed by this supplier
  • Innolin - Linen & Cork biocomposite pannel

    Our multicomponent pannel is a natural composite. Based on a linen or hemp textile woven in europe from local fibers, recycled cork bounded with a biobased glue and a biobased resin.

    The final product is light weight, thermoformable, insulating, acoustic and decorative.

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