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Member of the competitiveness cluster Industries and Agro-Ressources

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies

7-9 rue de l'industrie
95310 Saint-Ouen-L'Aumône

Description :
Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is committed to developing, producing and marketing quality ingredients and colorants to the cosmetics industry.
Our philosophy is to enhance SENSory experiences through specialized ingredIENTs, delivered through proprietary technologies.

Business sector
Cosmetic colors and specialties

Last update 23/07/2013
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5 products proposed by this supplier
  • Napture Cellgum Plus

    Thixotropic colloidal thickener derived from natural renewable sources (food grade)

  • Napture Col

    Natural dyes line

  • Napture Feel M Eco

    Natural multifunctional non volatile silicone-like ingredient

  • Napture Film AP

    Natural sugar-based film forming agent coated with acacia
    gum for extra flexibility and suppleness

  • Napture Sol

    Solubilizer and emulsifier derived from natural renewable sources (food grade)

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