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Description :
Since 1862 SCRD produces, formulates and distributes vegetable extracts, especially dyes providing from tropical plants and tannins.
With a strong activity in the tannery industry, SCRD is now focusing more also on other industries such as agromaterials and textiles.

Business sector
Coloring extracts and tannins

ISO 9001:2015

Last update 09/10/2018
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6 products proposed by this supplier
  • Acacia Nilotica tannin (grinded)

    Very common tree in sub-saharian Africa, Acacia Nilotica is widely used for quickset hedges. After separating the fibers and seeds, the fruit is finely grinded. The tannin content of the powder ranges from 40 to 50 %.

  • Braziletto extract, powder form

    Pure aqueus Brasiletto (Haematoxylum Brasiletto) extract, powder form.

  • Oxydized Logwood extract

    Aqueus Logwood extract, oxydized. Available in powder form.
    Main usages : textile, surgical threads, etc.

  • Pure Logwood extract

    Our pure extract comes from the heartwood of Logwood, produced by a clean aqueous extraction. This powder-form extract is mainly rich in hematoxyline, the non-oxydzied form of its main colouring compound. This molecule is widely used as reagent in Biology.

  • Tara powder (grinded)

    Very finely grinded Tara (Caesalpinia Spinosa) pods

  • Yellow Fustic extract, liquid or powder form

    Pure aqueous extract, not mofified. Main components : Morin, Maclurin.

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