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185 chemin de Saint Lambert
13821 La Penne-sur-Huveaune

Description :
JEFCO, a sales channel of the French family manufacturers ALLIOS, is now a leading player in the production and distribution of paints for professionals.
Founded and headquartered in Marseille, (France), it produces 24,000 tons of paint annually in its two French plants. For over a decade, its actions have been oriented toward "more virtuous " manufacturing and local distribution.
JEFCO is also part of a strong CRS initiative through an optimization of its manufactoring, procedures and flows, but also by the people who make up the company. the human and family values of mentoring, equality, personal and professional development a anchored in the company's DNA.

Thanks to its high level of innovation, JEFCO offers an ECO-PAINTS range with :
- BIOPUR Mat & BIOPUR Velours: 1st line of bio-based acrylic resins
- More than 10 EXCELL certified paints
- A complete range of ECOLABEL products to meet all building site needs
- 40% of our products are formulated at VOC/l

Business sector
Paint manufacturer for building

ISO 9001:2015 ; ISO 14001:2015

Last update 19/10/2022
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2 products proposed by this supplier

    Water-based paint with a matt finish made with biobased non-yellowing acrylic resin.


    Water-based paint with a mid-sheen finish made with biobased non-yellowing acrylic resin. Superior wet scrub resistance of class 1.

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