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20 quater, rue Schnapper
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Description :
Producer of the following products :
- wood fibres (soft or hard) ;
- cellulose fibres (white, off-white, grey) ;
- ultra-fine cellulose (8 µm) ;
- food fibres (bamboo, wheat, oats, oranges, peas, potatoes, psyllium) ;
- Cellulose Gels (MCG) ;
- micro-crystalline cellulose ;
- pharmaceutical additives ;
- corn-cob granules ;
- olives kernels granules ;
- almond shells granules ;
- cellulose ethers (HPMC, MC) ;
- Natural and biodegradable scrub additives (alternative to PE beads) ;
- alginates ;
- pectines ;
- Tara Gum ;
- citrus fibers ;
- nutshells granules ;

This products are used in different current applications classified in business units :
Pharma, Food, Feed & Petfood, Roadconstruction, Filtration, Industry (Building, Paint, Bitumen), Chemistry (Paper, Cardboard, WPC, Enzymes), Technical Applications (smoking, polishing, seeds), Pet Care, Innovations (Detergency, Cosmétic, Paper coating, new applications), Contract Manufacturing.

This last BU proposes mecanical transformation of products except fibres by milling, sieving, grinding, drying, compaction, pelletization, granulation...).

Business sector
Organic fibres producer

ISO 9001 / PEFC / GMP - Filiale française ISO 14001 / EMAS

Last update 16/04/2020
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14 products proposed by this supplier
  • ARBOCEL - Cellulose Fibers and Powders

    Cellulose fibers with many functions and marketed in multiple applications

  • ARBOCEL UFC - Ultra Fine Cellulose

    ARBOCEL UFC is today the finest grade of cellulose available in industrial scale worldwide: particles size centered on 8 µm.

  • ARBOCEL, FILTRACEL, filter aid

    ARBOCEL, FILTRACEL, organic filter aid for solid liquid separation.

  • ARBOCEL, vegetal fibre for animal nutrition

    ARBOCEL, the purified vegetal fibre for animal nutrition.

  • Bedding LIGNOCEL

    Beech timber bedding

  • CAT'S BEST - Cat Litter from Plant Fiber

    Wood based litter for cats

  • Functional Cellulose Gels by JRS

    This is a water-insoluble, micro-crystalline cellulose that is processed with a water-soluble spacer in a special production process. The fiber-gel is a whitish powder that disperses in water, forms a three-dimensional network and that way can be used as a multifunctional additive in water-based systems. See long description for more information.

  • LIGNOCEL - Wood Fibers and Flours

    Hard or soft wood fibres.
    Posible lenght from 20 µm to 4-5 mm

  • Multifunctional additive for paints

    ARBOCEL: cellulose powders or fibers for paints or coatings.
    Advantages: reinforcing agent, rheology agent, matting agent, lightweight filler.
    Can be used for interior or exterior paints, sprayable or structural paints. That is why different grades are available.

  • Natural additives for household products

    The natural and renewable JRS additives for detergency, hand washing paste and household products are divided by function:
    - Natural scrubs (granules of cellulose, corncob, olives kernels...) for an alternative to plastic beads (PE / microplastic) ;
    - Effect / Softening powders ;
    - 3D - Stabilizers ;
    - Thickeners / Gelifiers.

  • Natural and renewable additives for cosmetics

    Survey of products:
    Natural EXFOLIANTS (alternatives to microbeads / plastic beads / PE beads) ;
    Natural transparent thickeners ;
    Natural stabilizers ;
    Texturizing powders ;
    Sensory ultra fine powders (alternatives to plastic powders);
    Volumizing powders.

  • REHOFIX MK Corncob granules

    Versatile product properties: Very exact particle size distribution, Consistent hardness, High bulk density, Extremely high water and oil-binding capacity

    Applications: Grinding products, Abrasive products, Binders, Fillers, Filter aid, Feed additive, Carrier

  • RÄUCHERGOLD - Smoking Wood Chips

    Wood chips or friction logs used for smoking foods (meats, fish and cheese), for wine finishing, as carrier agent for the cultivation of fungi and bacteria, as litter for rodents and reptiles.

  • Vegetal fibres VITACEL food

    Vegetal fibres : wheat, oat, apple, potato, bamboo, pea.

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