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Member of the competitiveness cluster Industries and Agro-Ressources

Cavac Biomatériaux

12 boulevard Réaumur
85000 La Roche-sur-Yon

Description :
Founded in 2009, Cavac Biomatérials is a subsidiary of French agroindustrial cooperative group called Cavac, whose activities are based on cereals processing, feeding and animals growing in the west part of France (in Vendée one hour south from Nantes).We go on to develop uses for straw and plant fibres to open up new markets for agro-materials.

Business sector
Processing of vegetable fibers: defibering and burling and micronization

ISO 9001

Last update 13/02/2017
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1 product proposed by this supplier

    Micronization of plant material: Flax, Hemp, Corn
    Particle size analysis: adapted to the needs of customers
    Packaging: bulk, big bags, bags

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