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Biobent Polymers

1275 Kinnear Rd.
43212 Columbus
United States

Description :
Biobent Holdings’ (Biobent Polymers or Biobent) mission is to radically reshape today’s thermoplastics industry. By innovatively bonding low cost, agricultural co-products with traditional polymers at a molecular level.

The goal of this division was to commercialize an R&D 100 award winning piece of technology developed at Battelle Memorial Institute (the world’s largest private research company). This patent pending technology is believed to be the first bio-composite plastic capable of competing directly with pure petroleum-based polymers in both price and performance. Biobent Polymers has acquired a worldwide, exclusive license to this revolutionary technology and was spun-off as a stand-alone Limited Liability Company in 2012.

Target markets include industrial, consumer, medical, food services, packaging and many others.

Business sector
Chemical Polymers

R&D 100 Award

Last update 04/03/2014
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1 product proposed by this supplier
  • Bio-Composite Plastics

    Biobent’s primary products are polymer resins that contain up to 40% renewable content without compromising material performance. These resins will be sold on a weight basis and used by injection molders and other plastic converters to create a wide range of plastic end products.

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