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Bio Attitude

11 Bis rue du Capitaine Georges Madon.
51100 Reims

Description :
Bio Attitude , a subsidiary of leading French agricultural cooperatives and sugar groups , manufactures and markets " Eco Products " based on the use of vegetable raw materials, renewables and originating from agricultural or agro-industrial co-products: industrial detergents , household cleaning products , cosmetics and personal hygiene based from wheat, corn, beet , rapeseed, alfalfa ... ingredients.

These products are based on innovative active ingredients from mastering advanced technologies in the field of fractionation plant material. They have equivalent behaviour than chemical and fossils detergents used heavily everyday. Their suitability for ultimate biodegradability and their compatibility with the skin gives them significant advantages over their competitors from petrochemical industry.

Business sector
Agri-wine, Automotive, Cosmetics, Health Professional, Industry, Materials, Boating

Label Iso 26000, Ecocert Greenlife

Last update 03/06/2014
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13 products proposed by this supplier
  • Hand cream "Alliance Végétale"

    Hand cream originated from crops

  • VEGECAR Bodywork cleaner

    For general cleaning in case of heavy dirt, this product can be used on all surfaces resistant to water. It allows a cleaning of all types of vehicles.

  • VEGECAR Penetrating oil

    Penetrating readily biodegradable, without VOC, based on esters of vegetable origin, and propelled with nitrogen.

  • VEGECAR Tissues and carpet cleaner

    This product cleans and refurbishes tissues (seat), carpets and rugs.

  • VEGECAR Waterless car cleaner

    This product can wash, polish and protect any smooth surface without a single drop of water.

  • VEGECAR Wheel cleaner

    The cleaner easily cleans wheels rims of residues of brake pads, grease and dirt.


    VEGEFROID is a winter product for agricultural sprayers. It protects against frost, prevents drying of the joints, and corrosion.


    Multi-purpose cleaner-degreser from agriculture origin.

  • VEGENET Agricultural sprayer cleaner

    Cleaner for agricultural sprayer

  • VEGENET Scouring cream

    The ecological scouring cream cleans all surfaces by removing stubborn dirt.

  • VEGEODOR Odor destructive

    VEGEODOR is a mixture of surfactants, bacteria and enzymes obtained by fermentation.

  • VEGEPRO Concentrate disinfectant cleaner

    Cleans and disinfects all surfaces.


    This product cleans and decalcifies toilet bowls. Its ultra-soft cleaning base, composed of surfactants derived from corn and coconut oil (100%), has excellent wetting and detergency features.

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