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ampliTex® light fabrics

Bcomp Ltd.

Description :
The strong need of the water sport- and bike industry inspired us to develop this lightweight reinforcement range. The ampliTex light products are made with a new low-twist yarn for a maximum performance.

These ampliTex® light fabrics are ideal for replacing light glass fibre fabrics traditionally used in surfboard construction, cutting weight of the required reinforcement material by up to 50%. In carbon composite bicycle frames, they offer a unique opportunity to simultaneously increase the strength and the damping properties by replacing some of the carbon fibre layers, thus increasing both the comfort and the safety for the end user. Read how to use the fabrics in a surf- or kiteboard here.

While regular natural fibre yarns have a high twist, thus a low surface coverage at a given weight, this tape-like flax roving allows the design of fabrics with a very low fabric areal weight. When pressure is applied during processing, the fibres of the rovings are further spread, filling the open space between the rovings of the fabric. In addition, the low twist results in a great alignment of the fibres, increasing the strength of the final composite part by 10-20% vs. a part made from standard flax yarn.

The yarn of our fabrics was carefully developed and specified in terms of thickness, twist, and surface treatment to reach optimum properties, and to fit with our highly automated production of our non crimp fabrics. The drapability and mechanical performance of our fabrics are tailored to fit modern composite manufacturing. Use half the weight of your current glass fibres to reach the same performance in your composite part and increase the damping properties by up to a factor three.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Fabrics, nonwovens

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Bio-based content

Environmental gain
Lightening of composite parts with higher strength and better damping properties

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