Hygiene / Health / Beauty

Chemical intermediates for the production of perfumes, ingredients, actives
Ingredients and actives (dye, humectant, solvent, thickener ; brightener, surfactant, tanner, etc.)
Plastics for cosmetic packaging

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    BASF Beauty Care Solutions France S.A.S

    Oligolin™: is a multi-functional active ingredient which rejuvenate the skin thanks to its flax seeds oligosaccharides The skin is firmer and better hydrated.
    Last update 26/02/2019
  • Vasegreen

    World Natural Care

    Vasegreen is a 100 % natural alternative to petroleum jelly. It is a translucent, semi-solid paste made of purely natural components. Its main component is sunflower oil. As a result, it allows the development of organic make up and personal care products.
    Last update 12/01/2015
  • Sebacic acid


    Sebacic acid can be used for producing polymers (polyamides, polyesters, bioplastics), esters in industrial applications (plasticizers for lubricants) and in cosmetics, as a corrosion inhibitor in coolant application.
    Last update 15/05/2014
  • Natural Isovaleric Acid


    AFYREN produce a 100% biobased Natural Isovaleric Acid with a respectful process for environment and non GMO natural microorganisms. The raw materials used are also non GMO.
    Last update 09/04/2020
  • Neurophroline™

    Givaudan Active Beauty

    Blocking the production of cortisol, the major stress hormone and promotes the release of relaxing
    neuropeptides (endorphins) in skin favoring stress relief. Visible results after 1 month.
    Last update 06/03/2017