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Ariège Composites

Description :
Rocalin revolutionizes the air column. It offers a clean, coherent and innovative concept of waste and landscape management.
By its design, it integrates harmoniously and naturally in any type of environment.

The range of Rocalin voluntary intake columns comes in 3m3 and 4m3 for the collection of glass as well as paper and packaging.

The use of flax and cork provides efficient mechanical performances:
- Soundproofing
- Insensitivity to corrosion
- Flexibility to absorb shocks
- Good resistance to aging (UV, thermal shocks)
- Can be emptied by a single operator
- Designed with recyclable and / or bio-based materials
- Optimum column fill level
- Sound insulation provided by flax and cork
- Optimization of transport
- Long service life with translucent gelcoat resistant to UV, shock and graffiti as well as to high pressure washes.
- Fire classification M1
- Lightweight and robust thanks to the technical materials and the efficient implementation

Product family :
Application products > Materials, equipment, accessories

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Flax, Cork

Environmental gain
The manufacturing process respects all the rules of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
- Design and manufacture 100% French
- Reduction of environmental impacts (very good carbon footprint during manufacturing, 5x less energy than for glass)
- Opening perspectives on a set of end-of-life solutions
- Manufacturing process preserving the health of operators
- Renewable resources, naturally biodegradable, requiring little energy to be produced.

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass
Last update 28/02/2017
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