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Description :
LIGNOCEL® UNICOSAL combines high, fast absorption with physiological and ecological safety. This industrially manufactured wood powder with a set grain size range and controlled moisture properties ensures consistent, excellent quality.
Hydrophobizing with an oil-friendly, water repellent plastic guarantees that LIGNOCEL® UNICOSAL only binds oil, not water; it is also non-hazardous for humans, animals and plants.

LIGNOCEL® UNICOSAL offers many additional important advantages:
* No water-binding on wet surfaces
* Low-dust and non-slip
* Excellent absorption properties and retention capacity; landfill disposal is possible
* Easy to deploy, using a spade, mobile blower or distributon canons
* No mechanical wear and tear on machinery
* Thermal recycling possible, virtually residue-free
* Environment-friendly

Product family :
Application products > Absorbents

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
100%, Calculated by weight percentage

Environmental gain
Alternative to binders from chemical or mineral origin.

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